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Language & Aphasia Lab

Cooperation partners
Doctoral students
Research interests


Research group office
Ines Kunis
House 4, Room G1074
Liebigstraße 20, 04103 Leipzig
📞 +49 341 97-24243

Language and Aphasia group photo 2016 Plus Symbol Language And Aphasia Lab


Professorin Dr. med. Dorothee Saur
Professor Dr. med. Dorothee Saur
Group leader
Phone 0341 97-24243, (-24197)
Mail dorothee.saur@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
Room G 1008
CV CV.pdf (PDF 45 kB)

Julian Klingbeil
Phone 0341 97-24215(-24243)
Mail julian.klingbeil@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
Room Room 143 „Carl Wernicke“ – Haus am Park
CV CV.pdf (PDF 35 kB)

Anika Stockert
Phone 0341 97-24215(-24243)
Mail anika.stockert@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
Room Room 143 „Carl Wernicke“ – Haus am Park
CV CV.pdf (PDF 160 kB)

Max Wawrzyniak
Max Wawrzyniak

Phone 0341 97-24215(-24243)
Mail max.wawrzyniak@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
Room Raum 143 „Carl Wernicke“ – Haus am Park
CV CV.pdf (PDF 34 kB)

Dr. med. Dipl. Psych. Mandy Pirlich
Phone 0341 97-24243
Mail mandy.pirlich@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

Ines Zimmermann
Ines Kunis
Speech & language therapist
Phone 0341 97-24243
Mail ines.kunis@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

Melanie Schindhelm
Melanie Schindhelm
Speech & language therapist
Phone 0341 97-24243
Mail melanie.schindhelm@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

Student assistants

Hans Schneider, cand. med.
Mail: hansralf.schneider@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

Steven Kalinke
Mail: steven.kalinke@medizin.uni-leipzig.de


James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF): "Funktion, Dysfunktion und Erholung von Sprachnetzwerken". 1/2012-12/2017 (Dorothee Saur)

Cooperation partners

Dr. Gesa Hartwigsen, group leader at Max-Planck-Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften

Doctoral Students

Cathleen Höfer, cand. med.
Mail: cathleen_hoefer@gmx.de
PhD thesis: Brain volumetric measurement and collection of verbal and spatial memory performance of patients with transient global amnesia - a prospective study

Sophia Hormig, cand. med.
Mail: sophia.hormig@web.de
PhD thesis: pathology of network lesions of the thalamus

Susann Machleb, cand. med.
Mail: susann.machleb@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
PhD thesis: Disturbance awareness of patients with aphasia: Course observation and neuronal correlations

Anni Weigel, cand. med.
Mail: anniweigel@rocketmail.com
PhD thesis: Contribution of frontal and parietal brain regions to semantic and phonological decissions: A TMS study

Christin Wendt, cand. med.
Mail: christin.wendt@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
PhD thesis: Temporo-frontal interactionsat semantic integration: A fMRT-TMS study
(in cooperation with Dr. Ilona Henseler, MPI for cognitive and neuronal science)


Dr. rer. med. Katrin Wrede
Former postdoc of the research group
As of October 2015 leading speech and language therapist at the St. Mauritius therapeutic clinik in Meerbusch.

Dr. med. Thomas Golombek
Project: role of the left angular gyrus in auditive speech comprehension
(in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig)
PhD thesis defense: 05.02.2015

Dr. med. Maren Klein
Project: Modulating phonological and sematic processes in the language network: a combined TMS and fMRI study
PhD thesis defense: 26.03.2015


Wednesday, 6:30 pm; room G1024 together with Claßen-Lab

Research Interests

Multimodal investigations of language networks in healthy subjects and patients with aphasia after stroke

  • Intra- and interhemispheric language networks for different linguistic functions (e.g. semantics, phonology) 
  • Adaptive reorganisation in language networks after focal virtual lesions induced with non-invasive brain stimulation
  • Longitudinal investigation of language recovery after stroke


  • functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and resting state fMRI 
  • diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) fMRT Plus Symbol
  • voxel-based behavior lesion symptom mapping (VBLSM) 
  • multifocal (repetitive) transcranial magnetic stimulation ((r)TMS) 
  • electroencephalography (EEG) 
  • simultaneous EEG-fMRI



Demuth HU, ... Saur D, ... Boltze J. Recent progress in translational research on neurovascular and neurodegenerative disorders. Restorative Neurology and Neurosciences, in press.

Hartwigsen G, Henseler I, Stockert A, Wawrzyniak M, Wendt C, Klingbeil J, Baumgärtner A, Saur D. Integration demands modulate effective connectivity in a front-temporal network for contextual sentence integration. NeuroImage, in press.

Pelz JO, Weinreich A, Karlas T, Saur D. Evaluation of freehand B-mode and power-mode 3D ultrasound for visualisation and grading of internal carotid stenosis. PLOS ONE, in press.

Martin M, Dressing A, Bormann T, Schmidt C, Kümmerer D, Beume LA, Saur D, Mader I, Rijntjes M, Kaller C, Weiller C. A componential network for the recognition of tool-associated actions: Evidence from voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping in acute stroke patients. Cereb Cortex, in press.

Hamzei F, Vry M-S, Saur D, Glauche V, Hoeren M, Mader I, Weiller C, Rijntjes M. (2016) The dual loop model and the human mirror neuron system: an exploratory combined fMRI and DTI study of the inferior frontal gyrus. Cereb Cortex 26(5): 2215-2224.

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Book chapters

Saur DHartwigsen G (2011). Funktionsanpassung im sprachlichen System. In: Karnath, H.-O. & Thier, H.-P. (Eds.), Kognitive Neurowissenschaften, 3. Auflage, Kapitel 68. Heidelberg: Springer.

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